Lead Others By Boosting Support and Encouraging Growth

Continuing our series on purposeful work and true north leadership – we’ll focus on leading others by boosting your support and encouraging growth through the creation of alliances or partnerships.

Alliances or Partnerships

Compass Reading: As a supervisor, you need to have a lot of the answers (not all mind you, but a good number of them), be able to unclog the work flow pipelines whenever they break down and put out fires when they occur. You are a problem-solver and have the experience to make results happen under your watchful eye.
True-North Reading: If your job as a leader is mainly comprised of fixing situations, people or projects, something is seriously off base. In times of true emergency, autocratic leadership is generally best until the situation has stabilized, but what about all the times urgent issues arise that masquerade as a “crisis”?

It takes strength to say, “Take the next day or two and put together a solution or a plan of action to handle this. We’ll sit down and review it and I’ll mentor you and support you through all the way. I believe in you.”


You could handle the “urgent problem” with your eyes closed. You could rattle off marching orders that (lickety-split) solve the issue and everyone draws a sigh of relief because there is no discomfort or stress involved. No thinking, growing or stretching required. Plus, if the solution fails, the blame lies with “you”, not “them”.

Application: True-North Leadership requires that you build alliances or partnerships with your team.  Give them opportunity to risk, demand on-purpose action and most certainly, growth will occur.

Work towards developing a “swat team” (team of experts). Work toward creating an alliance of team members where each individual knows their attributes, is confident in your commitment of mentoring them and disarms their self due to your dedication to supporting them on their individual (and team) areas that need improvement.

The team will learn to trust you, and walk on their own two feet heading true-north, not because you’ll “catch them if they don’t”, but because you have taught them to believe anything less than their best effort is beneath their value and potential.

Quote: He has the right to criticize who has the heart to help.”

—Abraham Lincoln

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