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Can’t Get No Satisfaction – A Customer’s View of Service

We’re starting a new series on customer service focusing on the customer’s viewpoint related to satisfaction vs. building a relationship and/or earning your customer’s loyalty.

To begin -

What does the country doctor of yesteryear, the street vendor in India and (more…)

Two Quick Activity Ideas For In-house Trainers

Note – I’ve used the first activity with the best success in rooms that accommodated ample vs. cramped “sets” and with the number of participants ranging from 25-100.

1) For new hires, create (more…)

When a Leader Makes a Mistake

Hardly any one would argue the fact that possessing and demonstrating integrity as a leader is a highly desirable trait.  But what does integrity look like when the team leader drops the ball or failed to follow through as promised?  Is being “real” about errors in judgment or practice a wise choice?  In this final installment on (more…)

Multi-Housing News 2011

Multi-Housing News (MHN) recently caught up with our CEO, Deb Bronson-McGrath to to get her thoughts on training and ascertaining an accurate ROI. Check inside to read an excerpt and view the entire article. (more…)

Lead Others By Boosting Support and Encouraging Growth

Continuing our series on purposeful work and true north leadership – we’ll focus on leading others by boosting your support and encouraging growth through the creation of alliances or partnerships.

Alliances or Partnerships

Compass Reading: As a supervisor, you need to have a lot of the answers (not all mind you, (more…)