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Purposeful leadership, the North Star and Earning Loyalty (Part 2)

Continuing our series of blogs on purposeful work and leadership – consider this – if you agree that purposeful leadership requires both flexibility (adjustments) and absolutes (fixed principles or goals) – than you’ll appreciate how we can learn from those captains, guides and leaders that relied on the North Star to accomplish their goals.

It seems logical (more…)

Managing Mediocrity vs. Purposeful Leadership – Part One

It has been estimated that we spend over 70% of our adult lives working and/or doing work-related things; like commuting, thinking or talking about work, etc. If you are like me that statistic does not make me feel warm and fuzzy inside, it stops me. Cold.  It has also been said (more…)

Myth or Fact? 89 Percent of People Leave Jobs For Better Money

Welcome to the fourth in our series on “engaging employees and improving morale”.

Tip #13 – Employees Leave their Boss, Not the Company

A good question for leaders to ask themselves from time to time is: “Do people only work with me because they have to?”  You’ve seen it happen before– a strong leader leaves a company and you slowly begin to see employees follow the leader to another company.  When faced with a choice, (more…)

Refuse to Babysit – Grow Potential n’ More

This is part three of our series of blogs on improving employee engagement and morale.

Tip #9—Refuse to Babysit/Grow Potential

As a supervisor, you are a problem-solver and have the experience to make things happen under your watchful eye.  If your job is mainly comprised of “fixing” situations, projects or people – something’s wrong.  In times of emergency, (more…)

Improving Employee Engagement and Morale – Part Two

In our previous post – we explored four tips on improving employee engagement and morale – here is part two:

Tip #5-Don’t Be Ambiguous About Rewards

When an athlete training for the Olympics works beyond endurance and pushes himself to be more than even he thought possible, the reward he is after is very clear—the gold medal.  In the business arena the same benefits related to knowing what you’re working towards holds true.  Why should your team members strive to excel? (more…)