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Improving Employee Engagement and Morale – Part One

In the first of a series of posts on improving employee engagement, we’ve provided four top tips.

Tip #1 – Know the Advantages & Benefits of Employee Engagement

Recent studies have shown that most firms employ a work force that is largely disengaged (apathetic and/or disinterested in the company’s overall success). Well, a job is “just a job” right? A “means to an end”? (more…)

DiscoverTrueNorth.com Gets A Makeover

To loosely paraphrase a wise man (who knows all to well what it takes to look good), “We’re not only the Agency, But we’re also a client”. It’s been two years (gasp!) since the first incarnation of our website and we thought it was far overdue for a makeover. (more…)

It’s Not My Job!

Even though this picture is pretty funny – (that’s a branch lying in the road that got in the way of the person laying a fresh coat of paint curbside) – hearing the refrain, “It’s not my job!” has got to be one of the most frustrating things for customers to hear.  (more…)

We Try Harder!

In 1962, the newly appointed president of Avis Car Rental company decided that after 13 years of struggling to get “out of the red” it was time for a refreshed brand and compelling advertising campaign.  Robert Townsend (the company president) decided that he wanted to hire a fresh, creative agency and selected the DDB Agency. (more…)

FourSquare – Social Media Marketing By Location

In an article in Tuesday’s Wall Street Journal – “Services Combine Social Media, Marketing” some interesting points are made (especially about Foursquare – which is marketing using social media and location). (more…)