Two Quick Activity Ideas For In-house Trainers

Note – I’ve used the first activity with the best success in rooms that accommodated ample vs. cramped “sets” and with the number of participants ranging from 25-100.

1) For new hires, create an “Oprah-style” set with armchairs (maybe a potted plant or two and if possible a tv for any video segments you might run).  Invite veterans or people with proven skill sets on your team to serve as guests.  Prep the guests with questions you will ask.  During the talk show, interview the “guests” and let the audience ask questions.  Creating a talk show environment tends to really engage the learners and allows for a great deal of interaction between experienced team members and relatively new ones.

Note:  There are an extraordinary number of books on games, activities and icebreakers – my key tip – make sure it is relevant, the point of the activity is strong and that the group size is appropriate.

2) For intermediate level training – use “recall” games – ala Jeopardy – for a fun, challenging part of your agenda.  A PowerPoint template is provided here.

A great source for creating your own games is “Thiagi’s 100 Favorite Games.”