Our Name

For centuries, experienced navigators have relied on the bright, assuring light of Polaris (the North Star) to guide them on their journey towards various destinations and ports of call.

In the business world, companies often find themselves off-the-map and navigating uncharted waters. Lightening fast changes in the market, a "sure-fire" solution fizzles, a costly initiative offers a dismal return on investment—all of these unplanned challenges critically require steps in the right direction.

Polaris North Star

When You Can’t Afford to Miss

We know that although there are some unchanging absolutes in business (ethics and values), navigating a new path requires more than proven strategies or the latest in technological tools.

We help businesses discover their “true north” and aid them in achieving their goals, enjoying their journey (processes) and help them through challenges along the way with a blend of custom solutions. We are "Discover True North".

Our Culture: Globally-inspired & Team-Oriented

We have a commitment to innovation, staying outside of boxes (as much as possible) and living out our values in both work and play. The Discover True North team consists of travelers – we travel and absorb and learn whenever we can and wherever we are so that we can bring the freshest ideas and the most well-rounded solutions to our clients. We also happen to be achievers – firstborns either by birth or assimilation. We enjoy our work, we enjoy working with each other, we enjoy the journey.