In-touch & On-target

Getting teams to work well together means that you understand people. Developing and retaining customers happy to refer you means that you know how to deliver on your promises. Creating brands and market strategies that are effective means that you stay away from cliched gimmicks and focus on the unique personality of an organization, embracing its strengths and whittling down its flaws.

The leadership team at Discover True North has been tried by fire at various times in their careers and still they have flourished and grown. Above all, this tight-knit crew understands people, delivers what they promise and embraces the power of potential no matter the person, organization or challenge.

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Deb Bronson-McGrath

Chief Executive Officer

Whether repositioning a $1.6 billion dollar company’s brand with award-winning results, building a corporate university servicing five separate education tracks and yielding an impressive ROI within six months of launch, or helping a team significantly reduce turn-over Deb Bronson-McGrath is a seasoned professional known for achieving high-caliber results.

After a successful run as a weekly columnist for the LA Times (OC edition), Deb has written a variety of instructional materials including; over fifty business courses focusing on leadership, sales, marketing, training the trainer, and customer service. She has overseen the instructional design process (from a-z) for ninety-plus corporate university sessions. A popular speaker at educational conferences and outsource training, Deb has addressed over 20,000 individuals in the last 15 years.

Deb has held positions ranging from Receptionist, Occupancy Troubleshooter, Performance Consultant, Professional Speaker, Vice-President of Operations, and Vice-President of Marketing, Training & Organizational Development –– and it is this culmination of her experiences that led her to become a partner and the CEO of Discover True North. It is in this visionary capacity that she continues to carry out her passion for delivering innovative solutions of the highest caliber that serve and support others.

Okay, but who is she? First-born, but child at heart. Competitive at board games, owns a large Muppet collection, and still believes in Bigfoot (you would too if you grew up in rural Michigan). Greatest position ever? Being a Mom. Loves people, the arts and purposeful endeavors that encourage the heart.

John Treganowan

John Treganowan

Senior Vice-President of Consulting Services

As Discover True North's Senior Vice President of Consulting Services, John's most important role is to help leaders make their respective organization not only more profitable, but to shape their internal culture so that excellence is consistent and sustainable. That's the bottom line.

With over fifteen years of award-winning experience in the multifamily industry and having worked in every position from the front lines of leasing all the way up to the senior regional level, he understands the demands and challenges leadership faces on a daily basis. John offers a unique blend of humor, insight and practical solutions that serve our clients well in one-on-one coaching sessions, small group or classroom style training and in all aspects of field operations.

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Giovanni Cruz

Senior Vice President Of Creative Services

As Discover True North's Senior Vice President of Creative Services, Giovanni Cruz' most important role is playing part protagonist and part mediator.

His hands-on approach provides a pivotal role in the formulation of the brand and advertising strategy and his thirst for "the next big thing" helps drive him to expand his passions from illustration and design, to photography and new media.

In 2004, Giovanni founded and served as Creative Director for Giographix Studios. The studio's work with Fortune 500 companies and small businesses alike garnered successful campaigns and praise with several high-profile clients.

Now at the helm of Creative Services for Discover True North, Giovanni continues to continues to push the envelope and find the perfect balance between the creative, technical and the out-of-the-box dynamic so essential to arriving at innovative design solutions.

So who is Giovanni, really? He is an avid movie buff (sans Michael Bay & M. Night). He is someone who feels right at home either at MOMA or at Comic Con, and has an addiction to classic sneakers, old Al Green records and SoBe Energy drink.

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Sam Cabebe

Director Of New Media

As Director of New Media, Sam has implemented some of the most eye-catching, dramatic, and results-oriented designs and applications around. Sam's work with a variety of prominent clients have garnered him high praise from customers and colleagues alike.

After graduating from the design program, Sam took a position at a Sacramento based web design firm, allowing him to apply his creative talent as a web designer and work on major accounts; such as, Sony.

In 2005, Sam left Sacramento for San Francisco to help jump start Giographix Studios. It was here that Sam's expertise in the realm of user interactivity emerged as one of his greatest strengths.

Today, Sam is at the helm of the New Media division of Discover True North, LLC. His goals include pushing the boundaries and reaping the potential for clients within motion graphics, video, and flash development. While his skill-set includes web design, interactive application development, page-layout, and photography- it his eye for design and knowledge of programming that strikes a fine balance between beauty and functionality.

So, who is Sam, really? He's a DJ (who still spins every week in a downtown San Francisco club) and an avid photographer with an affinity for underground street art. He bleeds silver and black for the Raiders, loves sushi and Thai food, and has never said "no" to a challenging project.