Everything you heard about us is true. Don't believe us? These guys will vouch for our street cred.

Jenneen Halladay Marketing Director | Allmark Property Management, Inc.

We have known Deb for many years. During our workshop sessions, our team is fully engaged with Deb. Her material is always fresh, current, relevant, makes us think outside the box and is realistic for our every day encounters. Deb is one of our favorite workshop leaders in the industry.

Meta S. Ware Development Director | Housing Industry Foundation

We are blown away by the creative talent, professionalism and generosity of Deb Bronson and DTN. The Housing Industry Foundation (HIF) is a small non-profit helping people overcome a housing crisis through personal grants and shelter improvements. We do not have a marketing budget or staff to produce credible marketing materials.

I met Deb at an apartment industry trade show and she immediately came to HIF's rescue. Since then, DTN has since designed a Strategic Blueprint and Annual Report for HIF along with on-going marketing consulting and guidance.

Thank you, Deb for bringing your vision and expertise to HIF! Your contributions are helping HIF establish a more consistent message and professional image in our effort to broaden awareness of HIF!

Debbie Wade Executive Director | Housing Industry Foundation

Discover True North has helped the Housing Industry Foundation move to a new level of professionalism. Deb Bronson converted our many pages of plans, goals and activities and organized them into a workable document that has helped us plan our activities and monitor our success. When we needed to expand a two-page annual summary into a professional-quality annual report, Deb created that document for us. And on an ongoing basis, whenever we are looking for a creative way to promote our organization or an event, we call Deb, and she always responds with fresh ideas that meet our needs. Deb Bronson is incredibly talented on many levels and we are grateful for her contribution to the success of our organization.

Howard Szalavetz Owner | Howard Szalavetz Properties, Montreal, Quebec

Several months ago I had the opportunity and privilege of a teleconference with Deb Bronson concerning marketing issues and employee motivation. The suggestions made by Discover True North were very helpful, practical and easy to implement. I have seen instant results from the suggestions made and would absolutely reccomend Discover True North.

Joy Treganowan Quality Engineer | ASCO Numatics

Deb is a very creative and outgoing trainer and speaker. She will inspire her students to work smarter and to be better employees and successful individuals.

Doug Miller President/Owner | SatisFacts Research, LLC

We began working with Deb and DiscoverTrueNorth in mid 2009, using them to develop a much needed new website for the company. Besides the caring approach, high integrity and great desire to please, what really blew us away was how well they could capture the sense of who we are as a company, what makes us tick - and then translate that into the new website's copy and design. We are very, very pleased with the end result. Since then, we have used them for a variety of design projects...and will certainly use them more down the road.

Diana Valin Director of Programs | IREM (San Diego)

As Director of Programs for IREM's San Diego Chapter, I have utilized Deb as a speaker at several educational luncheon programs we have put on. Her extensive knowledge, professional & engaging presentation skills and up-to-the-minute information has resulted in some of our best-rated lunch programs. She is also a great collaborator, problem-solver and a pleasure to deal with! We would definitely recommend her to anyone wanting a great coach or speaker for their employees or membership!

Carroll Whaler Vice-President | H.G. Fenton Company

Deb was instrumental in helping define our residential business model and training materials. She also provides us with classroom, on line and in the field training that contributes to our communities leading their sub-markets in occupancy. We consider her a strategic partner that consistency delivers results, ROI, and sustainable employee development and growth.

Christina LeRubio Academic Affairs Events Specialist | Graziadio School of Business and Management at Pepperdine University

Deb is an extraordinary leader, trainer and professional. I was given an opportunity to team teach with her and learned from her expertise. My strength in training is directly tied to what I learned from Deb. She was always a shining light in the organization and provided excellent personal and professional leadership. Those who partner with Deb should count themselves lucky, and will reap the rewards as well!

Kelly Lencioni Director | Human Capital at Arcadian Health Plan

Deb is an amazing mentor who helps nurture a person's ability to succeed. She motivates you to do your best at all times and is supportive of your desire for professional growth. I am lucky to have been able to work with such an amazing person and professional and continue benefit from her leadership and knowledge today.

Odie Jimenez Real Estate Asset Manager | USRI

Deb is an inspiring mentor and motivator. She helped lead a company to an award winning brand, and help lead and create an in-depth training and marketing department which utilizes out of the box thinking and todays technology.

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