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Satisfacts Research

SatisFacts Research, LLC

Reducing Resident, Associate and Client Turnover Has Never Made More Sense.

SatisFacts satisfaction survey and feedback systems, and our support programs, Take the Guesswork Out of Retention™, reduce turnover and help grow NOI. Having worked with well over 1,000,000 units nationally, SatisFacts is the industry's leading authority on retention.

As it relates to pressures on NOI, think about it...

The economic downturn and job losses. The shadow rental market. Vacancies and concessions are increasing nationwide. Increasing cap rates are pushing down asset values. Now more than ever residents are evaluating their home, rent and the perceived value. Over 60% of turnover is controllable - with a significant percent driven by staff performance. The minimum $3,000 high cost associated with each move-out.

Has it ever made more sense to monitor the pulse of your residents, associates and clients?

Our client satisfaction survey showed their resident turnover rate to be 9.5 points lower than the NAA Income and Expense Survey! Given what each move-out costs, imagine the impact on NOI if you were able to reduce turnover by 9.5 points! Let us help you Turn Research Into Revenue™.

24-7 Press Release provides affordable and effective press release distribution services.

Founded in 2004, has been at the forefront of innovation helping small & medium businesses leverage the Internet to communicate their news to the world.

Among the innovations are search engine optimization (SEO) press releases to increase visibility in search engines like Google and Yahoo, video-enhanced press releases for rich media experience, and building a comprehensive Really Simple Syndication (RSS) network to distribute news to the public.

Carter Design Group

Carter Design Group

Carter Design Group is a design firm that is proactive in the formation of new design in the business world.

We are a full service design firm specializing in Interior and Exterior Color Design, Space Planning and Furnishing selections.

We provide a comprehensive level of service that involves overseeing and managing all aspects of the project, from design through purchasing and installation.

Youth Law Center

Youth Law Center

YLC provides national leadership on child welfare and juvenile justice law and system reform issues. YLC fights to achieve its mission on a number of fronts employing a variety of methods.

The Youth Law Staff:
Litigate when necessary to bring about system change. Educate policy makers, service providers, public officials, system personnel, advocates, youth, families, and communities regarding the plight and rights of children in state custody.

Collaborate with advocates, public agencies, private providers, and other key stakeholders to improve child welfare and justice system policies and practices. Disseminate publications, fact sheets, training curricula, pleadings, briefs, and other resources developed in our advocacy efforts. Advocate on the local, state, and national level to ensure that child welfare and juvenile justice systems protect and support the children they serve.

Multifamily Insiders

Multifamily Insiders

Multifamily Insiders was created to provide the first true online networking group for the multifamily industry and its partners.

Our goal is to help coordinate professionals within our ranks, share knowledge, and brainstorm the future of apartment living.  Whether it is onsite property management issues, acquisitions and development, or relationships with suppliers, we plan on being in the center of the conversation, helping the industry and our members grow from each discussion. 

Ultimately, no matter what features we provide on Multifamily Insiders, “who we are” is really more about our members, as they provide the ideas that make our community as full and rich as it is and will be.  So if you are thinking of getting involved or are already part of our community, just visit our discussion areas, read your fellow insiders’ blogs, and search through our member profiles to see the true value of the Multifamily Insiders community.



The essence of creating success in life is building from the inside out. What this means is to use ones individual values as the guide for all that we do.

Values are often masked by drivers like the need for acceptance and control and to live truly by our values for many of us is a continual challenge. There are often moments in life where the real person or the real leader stands up to be counted.

In our coaching and leadership programmes the context is set and the support given for that authentic leader within to really come to life. Years of experience and training has equipped authenticity consultants to build a tapestry of congruence through all that their participants do. The authenticity model draws on diagnostic tools and story to unearth the natural intrinsic centre from which to build. A1 coaches are results focussed and are committed to working with the client to get to their desired  outcomes as quickly as possible.



RentMineOnline offers a unique online referral solution that enables residents to easily initiate the referral conversation with hundreds of their friends through their own Facebook, MySpace, Twitter and email accounts.

The company was founded in 2007 and has launched over a million units across the US and Canada. Participating residents refer annually at 3x the rate compared to non-participating residents; typical ROI is in the 200-300% range.

The company received investment from Facebook in 2009 and in 2010 presented at NAA and was featured in Units magazine.