Whether your office is in Rome, San Antonio, New York, or downtown San Francisco, you can enjoy the benefits of a virtual conference (quite different than a blasé video-conference, let us assure you). No muss. No fuss. Simply contact us and let us know that you would like to experience a brief demonstration within our virtual conference center. We will then schedule your conference time and send you a "passport" so that you may gain entrance.

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Reality Bytes

As you find yourself absorbed in this engaging digital experience, you will begin to realize the amazing array of cost and time-saving possibilities that your firm could experience. Imagine being able to cut travel costs and yet increase your team's enthusiasm for training, not to mention your ROI? What about saving thousands on your next marketing campaign?

What Discover True North Provides

We have created a full-scale virtual island that can house virtual conferences, live training events (experienced from a mobile phone or desktop), role-play simulations, virtual trade shows and digital interactive classes. Providing the latest best of breed platforms, Discover True North provides clients with limitless possibilities designed to accommodate a variety of budgets and needs.

More About Second Life

Second Life is a web-based virtual world that enables its users to interact with each other through motional avatars. This social network service allows users to explore, socialize and participate in individual and group activities in a three dimensional virtual world. Virtual Corporate Universities or Virtual Marketing Campaigns become a powerful platform for interactive experiences to either your team or customers.

If you want your business to thrive in "Tomorrowland" today, then Discover True North. Contact us to find out more.