Strategic Solutions

Explore strategic solutions that will provide your firm with the foundation for sustained profitability and growth.


Discovery Mapping ™

Initiating the consulting process typically begins with Discovery Mapping™ which allows both your team and ours to not only begin well, but even more importantly-- successfully deliver the results or changes you desire.

"The Corporate Mindset" shapes company systems (information, measurement and rewards) for good or bad. In turn the systems effect output (performance). This continuum of mindset, systems and output can, (if effectively managed) provide companies with the foundation for sustained profitability and growth.

Too often the emphasis is on creating "solutions" before the goals, methods, mindset and systems have been tested for sustainability and real-world applications.

In order to get where you want to go, we will also lead you through a Discovery Mapping Exercise that will help you lay the framework for a sustainable, successful future:

  • Mindset: Mission-Vision, Values, Professional Standards, Company Culture
  • Systems: Training & Development, Performance Benchmarks (Metrics & Methods)
  • Rewards: Engaging the Internal & External Customer (Earning Loyalty)

Using methods we have honed over the last seven years, our guides will help you map the change initiative project through all related solution phases, (scope, time-line, budget, testing, refinement and absorption).

Adding value, an engaged workforce, market leader, increased profitability-- let us help you co-invent the future you envision, today.

Organizational Development

All organizations develop with time. The question is, "Develop into what?"

A healthy bottom-line is an impressive barometer of success and yet, what does your employee turn-over look like? Does performance at every level align with and reflect your corporate mission and values? How much of your business comes from referrals (whether viral or word-of-mouth)?

Or let's say your employee turn-over is hovering around industry norm. Is that actually acceptable or is it just "standard"? If you were losing your 2nd greatest asset (capital, customers or market share) at the same rate you were losing employees, would everyone just sigh, shake their head at the dismal update and move on to the next order of business?

What if you were able to decrease turn-over annually by ten to twenty-five percent? How this would impact your NOI? And, what if you not only retained your best, but your team was made up of an engaged workforce, passionate about their company and what they did each day? Would that type of scenario have an impact on the service quality and satisfaction levels of your customers?

Whether working on your organizations’ internal brand/culture (vision, mission, principles, leadership development, and employee engagement) or external brand/culture (customer retention, referrals, brand, etc.) we can help your organization discover its true north.

Analysis & Research

  • Ready for a new training initiative and need a Gap Analysis?
  • Need the building blocks and drivers to create superior performance?
  • Need assistance in correlating demographics?
  • Looking for techniques to enhance customer loyalty?
  • Planning to develop, purchase or reposition an asset or product?
  • Need a comprehensive analysis of operations for an underperforming asset or product?

Using components of our unique Discovery Mapping process, we provide data mining, breaking down silos of information, surveys, focus groups, interviews, and more, all resulting in a viable blueprint.

What We Can Do For Your Company

Almost all of the services (branding, marketing, graphic design, training, etc.) we provide our clients require some degree of consultation and exploration of options.

For more detailed information related to specific consulting needs based on your objectives, please click here.