Market Segments – Build Brands – Understand Customers

Building your brand through identifying market segments and understanding your customers are essential building blocks of effective marketing. From planning through implementation and results-auditing, the professionals at Discover True North will help you maximize the greatest value from your marketing budget.


Effective Marketing Campaigns

Effective marketing campaigns come in a number of varieties, themes, lengths, and ought to deliver a positive, referral-worthy experience for your customer. Using one primary theme, a campaign should integrate a variety of media channels, platforms and mediums (Mobile, Web 2.0, social networking, podcasts, etc.) and provide you with measurable results. A campaign should support and strengthen your brand versus confuse the customer through jumbled themes or content.

Our experience includes launches, events, promotions, traffic generation, and more.

Improving & Delivering Referral-worthy Customer Service

Earning customer advocacy (referrals) is probably one of the greatest litmus business health tests around for your company. Unfortunately, too often customers feel processed rather than served and customer experiences are far more likely to be transactional than relational in nature. This causes customers to remain detached, making them susceptible to taking their business elsewhere for any number of reasons and directly impacts both sources of new customers and retention of your customers.

It is the ability to know, connect and partner with customers in a way that positively impacts the customer life cycle that will aid your brand equity and marketing efforts more than almost any other strategy.

If you believe that the qualilty and consistency of your customer service can be improved or increasing the retention of customers and their referrals is a growth-strategy you’d like to employ – give us a call.

What We Can Do For Your Company

  • Advertising & Marketing Services ( collateral, events, online, public relations, target market)
  • Affiliate and Afinity Partnership Consultation & Services (create alliances that enhance growth)
  • Brand Development Consultation & Services (brand positioning strategies and/or development)
  • Customer Base Building (targets, research, promotion, outreach, satisfaction, retention)
  • Marketing Plan and Campaigns Consultation or Development
  • Marketing Services (advertising, events, graphic design, merchandising displays, social media, viral)
  • Traffic Generation (increasing qualified leads/customers)
  • Training & Development (creating materials and/or on-site or virtual training sessions on marketing or customer service)
  • Website Design & Development (graphic design, content management systems, social media platforms)

For specific marketing services based on your needs, please click here.