Higher Learning

Learn how to leverage our expertise in leadership development, HPI (Human Performance Improvement), virtual training using best of breed platforms and avatars, instructional design and delivering world-class seminars, workshops and retreats into a dynamic competitive advantage for your organization.


Corporate Universities

Whether you want to enhance your traditional training program (through curriculum development, retreats, workshops or seminars), want to explore a virtual training initiative or prefer a blended (traditional/virtual approach)— Then contact us.

Our experience in delivering traditional training solutions (from needs-analysis, to curriculum development, through metrics, presentations, training trainers and retention initiatives) are tried and true. We will gladly assist you in whatever stage of development or execution you are in. We know how to partner as a resource with experienced training departments, as well as how to help companies build a single session or a training program from the ground up. Whether you need cutting-edge creative solutions to enhance your existing Corporate University curriculum, crave a fresh design for your course content or have a desire to develop custom curriculum, our esteemed professionals are ready to begin the collaborative process to help you launch an education program that becomes the catalyst for achieving development and performance goals and internally supports your company brand.

Leadership Development Programs

Discover True North's Leadership Development Programs are content-rich and practical in nature. Balancing information (self-knowledge, feedback, core and advanced leadership skills and workplace values) with meaningful applications (personality and behavioral inventories, 360 feedback, how-to techniques and strategies) we can help you grow leaders into their potential.

The Reward: Engaged team members who are passionate about their work and loyal to the team - thanks to the influence of the great leaders on your team. These sessions may be customized to meet the needs of a particular organization or modified into curriculum (virtual, traditional classroom) with a comprehensive "train-the-trainer" program designed to supplement or kick-start your own leadership development program.

Contact us to discuss your training objectives.


When helping a client plan a successful retreat, we borrow a principle from Dr. Stephen Covey, "Begin with the end in mind."

Although teambuilding and getting to know one another are important, they are the ancillary benefits of an executive retreat not (in our modest opinion) the purpose for one. The first step towards achieving worthwhile results from your retreat is engaging the team and crafting a meaningful purpose. The goal must be compelling enough to make people willing to invest themselves in both the process and outcome of the retreat. The off-site meeting should be about creating something meaningful together such as; launching a new product or service, solving a problem that has been draining cash flow or developing specific growth strategies.

Seminars & Workshops

Discover True North’s CEO, Deb Bronson-McGrath has over 17 years experience as a national speaker. She has written a variety of instructional materials including; over fifty business courses focusing on leadership, sales, marketing, training the trainer, and customer service. Deb has overseen the instructional design process (from a-z) for ninety-plus corporate university sessions. A popular speaker at educational conferences and outsource training, Deb’s practical content and engaging style provides the audience with a worthwhile experience.

Seminars are typically for larger audiences (over 150) and are shorter in length than workshops. During the seminar, attendees will experience a high-caliber multi-media presentation and receive practical reference material filled with next-step implementation recommendations and helpful resources.
Workshops are generally designed to be highly interactive, more casual in design, are better suited to groups under 150 in size and work best with time slots of two hours or more. Attendees will expreience an informative multi-media presentation, interactive applications, engaging group discussions, a workbook and bonus material to help the audience transfer newly gained knowledge and ideas into results in the workplace.

Each topic may be customized to include your company principles and/or procedures or the needs of your membership. Contact us for the latest topics or to discuss a customized session.

What We Can Do For Your Company

  • Customized training sessions suited to meet your organization’s training methods
  • Design or supplement Corporate Universities
  • Instructional Design
  • Interactive Virtual Role-Play (avatars, custom scripted material)
  • Leadership brand design
  • Leadership training
  • Online courses (deliver webinars and/or design custom online courses that are SCORM compliant)
  • Retreats
  • Seminars
  • Virtual training (avatar-based training, second life platform)
  • Workshops

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