Ethical & Competitive

Having served the government at the county and state-level, Discover True North’s leadership team understands the role and importance of ethics and compliance when fulfilling a contract. Our referrals, experience and core deliverables offer key decision-makers with outstanding solutions competitively priced.

Growing Your Business

We offer:

  • Affiliate and Afinity Partnership Consultation & Services (create alliances that enhance growth)
  • Brand Positioning Consultation & Services (brand equity research, options and positioning strategies)
  • Customer Satisfaction & Retention Consultation (focus groups, benchmarking, loyalty development)
  • Discovery Mapping (anchoring your vision with tactical mapping)
  • Marketing Plans and Campaigns Consultation or Development
  • Marketing Services ( collateral, events, online, public relations, target audiences with key messaging)
  • Public Relations (planning, releases, events and collateral)
  • Operations Consultation (creating information, measurement and rewards systems)
  • Website Design & Development (graphic design, content management systems, etc.)
  • Training & Development Services (creating tools, providing training that measures & sustains performance for start-ups)
  • Website Design & Development (Graphic design, content management systems, etc.)