Improving Profitability – Sustaining Excellence

Growth doesn’t always mean “outspread” sometimes it simply means “better”. Better profits, streamlined operations, increased customer retention. Regardless of whether your business is expanding or your idea of growth pertains to improving profits while remaining the same size – we will help you create strategies and solutions that generate sustainable excellence and enrich your bottom-line.

Growing Your Business

We offer:

  • Affiliate and Afinity Partnership Consultation & Services (create alliances that enhance growth)
  • Brand Positioning Consultation & Services (brand equity research, options and positioning strategies)
  • Customer Satisfaction & Retention Consultation (focus groups, benchmarking, loyalty development)
  • Discovery Mapping (anchoring your vision with tactical mapping)
  • Growth-related Marketing Plans and Campaigns Consultation or Development
  • Growth-related Marketing Services ( collateral, events, online, public relations, target market)
  • Internal Brand/Culture (vision, mission, principles, leadership development, employee engagement)
  • Operations Consultation (creating information, measurement and rewards systems)
  • Strategic Planning (blueprints with action plans)
  • Training & Development Services (creating tools, providing training that measures & sustains performance for start-ups)
  • Website Design & Development (Graphic design, content management systems, etc.)