Practical Customized Answers

Our small business clients often have these three things in common: limited resources, a fierce passion to succeed and a long to-do list. We know that if you are going to take the time to explain your vision of success and ask for help (outside of your business) that you want practical, customized answers to the challenges or solutions you seek. One of our greatest strengths is translating your vision into practical stepping stones that build your success and achieve your objectives.

Small Business

We offer:

  • Brand Development Consultation & Services (logo refinement, demographics, positioning strategies)
  • Customer Satisfaction & Retention Consultation (focus groups, benchmarking, loyalty development)
  • Discovery Mapping (exploring challenges & mapping solutions)
  • Marketing Plan and Campaigns Consultation or Development
  • Marketing Services (advertising, events, graphic design, merchandising displays, social media, viral)
  • Operations Consultation (aligning standards with performance, refining practices/processes, manuals)
  • Strategic Planning (blueprints with action plans)
  • Training & Development (creating materials and/or on-site or virtual training sessions)
  • Website Design & Development (graphic design, content management systems, social media platforms)

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