About Us

For centuries, experienced navigators have relied on the bright, assuring light of Polaris (the North Star) to guide them on their journey towards various destinations and ports of call. In the business world, companies often find themselves off-the-map and navigating uncharted waters. read more

Leadership Team

The leadership team at Discover True North has been tried by fire at various times in their careers and still, they have flourished and grown. Above all, this tight-knit crew understands people, delivers what they promise and embraces the power of potential no matter the person, organization or challenge. read more

Our Values

Through being resourceful, honest, innovative and delivering technical excellence the team at Discover True North endeavors to create relational bridges founded on our core values. read more

Giving Back

Giving back brings us a lot of joy and it’s a natural reflection of how we choose to live our lives. We don’t give back out of compulsion, but out of appreciation for those individuals and organizations who are trying to make a significantly positive difference in their daily endeavors. read more